A More Comfortable & Efficient Can Opener- The Lock N' Lift

Celebrated for their out of the box thinking approach to handling kitchenware, Zyliss is pioneering a new and exciting front that's revolutionizing the way we look at kitchen classics. The Zyliss Lock N' Lift Can Opener has already received accolades the world over for integrating a series of features that offer a swift, simple and ultimately safe means of opening cans. The Lock N' Lift Can Opener starts by integrating a locking mechanism that firmly secures the cutting wheel atop the can's lid. This ensures a steady, smooth cut while reducing strain on your hands. The cutting mechanism itself is comprised of high-grade, sharpened stainless steel that'll puncture cans with the greatest of ease. Once you've cut through the can, a built-in magnet on the can opener will lift the lid off the can, offering a hands free and messy free approach once finished. Ease of use meets precision execution with the Zyliss Lock N' Lift Can Opener. - A revolutionary take on a classic

A Simple, Swift & Ultimately Safe Solution for Opening Cans

The Zyliss Lock N' Lift can Opener implements a series of features that relegate the process of opening a can a fast, safe and almost effortless process. The Lock N' Lift uses a locking mechanisms that locks onto the can. Simple squeeze down on the soft touch (non slip) grips and the opener will puncture the can while locking into place. The days of the clunky and stiff can openers are behind us. You'll never go back once you see firsthand how smooth and effortless it is to remove a can's lid.

Stainless Steel Cutting Meets Hands Free/Mess Free Disposal

Comprised of high grade, sharpened stainless steel, this can opener uses a wheel that will easily pierce and cut through cans. You'll have complete control as you grip the handles and slice through a can's lid. The use of a built-in magnet complements the cutting mechanism as your hands won't have to get near the lid once it's removed. This allow for a hands free and mess free solution for disposing lids.

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