Zyliss Comfort Pro Serrated Paring Knife 4.5 inch

SKU: E920276U


The Comfort Pro Serrated knife has a 4 inch ice-hardened 15° German Stainless steel edge and has been designed to slice through produce with tough skins and soft flesh, such as tomatoes, peaches or kiwi fruits. The sharp serrated edge and slim profile means it glides through produce with ease without damaging the soft flesh. The ergonomic handle has been designed for ultimate comfort in everyday use. It fits perfectly in the hand and features a tapered bolster that allows a firm grip in use. The finger indent on top of the handle provides a comfortable position for placing the index finger when slicing with precision.

  • 4.5 in. Serrated Paring Knife is versatile enough to cut and slice tomatoes, breads and vegetables comfortably
  • Blade is ice-hardened for enhanced edge retention
  • Serrated paring knife will stay sharper for longer and offer higher resistance to corrosion and dulling
  • Full tang construction means the knife is shaped and weighted for optimal balance
  • Antibacterial protected and ergonomic handle for both large and small hands creating hassle-free maneuvering
  • Ergonomic tapered bolster with a flat finger rest on the spine for precise and comfortable use
  • High quality German steel is razor sharp, rust-resistant, durable, tarnish-free and easy to re-sharpen
  • Dishwasher Safe remaining sharp wash after wash
  • The Zyliss 25 Year Warranty ensures that all Zyliss Comfort Pro Cutlery will remain free from defects in material and workmanship for 25 years

A Rich History

Zyliss - Swiss Innovation

Since 1948, Zyliss has been creating tools and gadgets to meet the growing need of consumers worldwide. Behind every Zyliss kitchen tool is the “design to delight” principle. A belief that all Zyliss products should not only do a brilliant job, simply and efficiently, but also make our customers smile every time they use them.

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Customer Reviews

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Val V.
Very nice knife

Very nice knives. When we purchased our first Zyliss knives, we did not follow instructions and put them into our dishwasher. Consequently, the handles broke. We like these knives so much so we are replacing the ones with broken handles. Highly recommend these knives.

My favorite everyday knife!

I use this knife every single day simply because it has become my favorite knife. It is sharp, easy to handle, fits comfortably in my hand, and has a multitude of uses. Zyliss really went above and beyond with this line of knives. They are high quality, very reasonably priced and durable. I'm saving for the entire set.

i have this knife

i use this knife for almost all of my cutting , this is the best knife i have ever owned ,i plan to try other zyliss knives in the future.....thanks zyliss for a wonderful product.

Perfect knife

I have Cutco and some other really quality knives but Zyliss seems to feel better in my hand and cuts with such precision I won't use any other now. It remains to be seen how well it holds up over time, but I love it!!!!

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