Zyliss offer various guarantees for the products we sell. All products come with a minimum 5-year manufacturer guarantee, supplemented by the other guarantees.

Your packaging, instruction manual or guarantee document will detail the specific guarantees for your particular item. 

There is no need to register the guarantee, but please keep your original proof of purchase to validate any claim you make with us. 

What does the guarantee cover?

Our guarantee will cover manufacturer faults only within the guarantee period. 

What IS NOT covered under the guarantee?

Accidental breakage, poor care, damage from misuse, or dismantling of our items will invalidate any guarantee. Rust & corrosion is not covered under our guarantees as this is considered as misuse by poor care (and possibly poor storage). Blade sharpness is also not covered under any guarantee. From time to time we may request for you to return the item for inspection by our Quality Team. If the item is deemed not to meet the criteria covered by our guarantees, we will return the item to you as it was received and will therefore not replace under any of our guarantees

How do I make a guarantee claim under the Zyliss manufacturer guarantee? (USA CUSTOMERS)

Please get in touch via our CONTACT US page to start a guarantee claim. Please ensure you provide as many details as possible to help us to help you. 


How do I make a guarantee claim under the Zyliss manufacturer guarantee? (NON-USACUSTOMERS)

Different countries offer different rights to consumers. In most cases, it is best to contact the retailer directly from where you purchased the item. Or you can contact the Zyliss Brand Representative in the country of purchase. They will have more information relevant to your country, as designs, spare parts and availability vary by location.

You can see a list of these by going to our INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR page. 

The process and criteria may vary from country to country by retailer. Unfortunately, we do not have control over these laws and policies.