Zyliss Comfort Pro Knives Stay Sharper for Longer

The Zyliss Comfort Pro Knife range offers a complete selection of kitchen knives designed to comfortably and efficiently handle all of your prep work. The first in the Zyliss series to implement ice hardened edges, Zyliss Comfort Pro Knives will stay sharper for a longer duration of time. Ice hardened knives enhance and bolster an already considerably strong foundation as all Comfort Pro Blades are constructed out of German steel (selected for its elite quality and durability). Every Zyliss Comfort Pro Knife includes full tang construction that allows for the perfect combination of balance and control. Speaking of control, a finger indent has been added to encourage precision slicing. A blade indent has also been implemented to allow for enhanced control when chopping. Both indents are not exclusive to any one blade and are available for the entire collection of Zyliss Comfort Pro Knives.


The Ultimate Cutting Experience

All of the aforementioned features come together beautifully in a selection of kitchen knives that is as diverse as it is resilient. Reach for a Comfort Pro Chef's knife to handle all of your chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing needs in the kitchen. This kitchen blade offers no shortage of viable options for prepping all of your favorite fruits, vegetables and meats. Searching for a knife designed to specifically cut and chop fruits or veggies, look no further than a Comfort Pro Paring Knife (a serrated paring knife is also available). Perfect for precision cuts on smaller ingredients, Comfort Pro Utility Knives maximize every cutting motion to deliver optimal results. Looking for a blade to cut that perfect slice of bread without all of the crushing or crumbling, there's a Comfort Pro Bread Knife just for the task. The entire Comfort Pro Series is comprised of six unique kitchen blades that excel at different tasks.

Zyliss Lifetime Guarantee

All Zyliss Comfort Pro Cutlery is backed by the Zyliss Lifetime Warranty. The Zyliss Lifetime Warranty ensures that the entire range of Zyliss Comfort Pro Knives will remain free from defects in material and workmanship for 25 years.

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