A Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Like No Other - The Zick Zick Food Chopper

Easy & Efficient Chops

Slicing and dicing some of your favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts has never been easier! Simply place your preferred food of choice (I've been using onions to avoid cutting them personally) on a chopping board and line up the Zick Zick Food Chopper. Pressing down on the plunger will release a set of stainless steel blades to slice, cut and dice. Upon another press, the blades will rotate and continue to mince your selected food. Not only does this save you time from manually cutting, it allows you to reach different levels of mincing. Whether you're interested in large chunks or something almost resembling a paste, you'll have the luxury of reaching these stages and everywhere in between by the amount of times you press down on your Zyliss Zick Zick Food Chopper.

Removable Parts & Dishwasher Safe

Safety remains an essential quality in the Zyliss design. This food chopper comes equipped with a blade cover to protect fingers when in use. Add in the included lid and storage cup and you have all of the necessary means of preserving the integrity of your food chopper's blades without jeopardizing safety. The blade cover can be removed for quick cleaning. The Zick Zick Classic can also be tossed into a dishwater for a more effective cleaning (recommended for top rack use). The sum of all of these features results in a convenient means of slicing your favorite foods in a safe and easy to clean fashion.

Store What You Don't Use

The aforementioned lid carries the additional effect of acting as a storage container for leftover ingredients. Once you're done chopping, the storage cup can be used to keep any remaining ingredients fresh for your next meal. The food chopper also features a handle that can be locked into place. A locked in place handle will prevent the blades from being lowered. Add in the safety lid and you'll be at complete peace when storing this classic food chopper. Swift cutting, numerous nods to safety, Dishwater safe parts... The Zyliss Zick Zick has a lot working in its favor to become your next favorite kitchen tool.

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