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A meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering desire to deliver "take control now" kitchen cutlery can be identified in every Zyliss Control Knife. This selection of Zyliss Premium Forged Cutlery implements a series of features that encourages precision cutting, enhanced balance and optimal safety. All Zyliss Comfort Knives include a non-slip grip handle that offers comfortable and controlled cutting. The online Zyliss catalog of kitchen cutlery is strengthened with the addition of Zyliss Comfort Knives. A clear emphasis on comfortable and efficient cutting can be seen with this range's use of easy to grip contoured handles and Japanese stainless steel. Versatility is expanded with the inclusion of Zyliss Classic Cutlery. Accessible by design, this selection of cutlery features high carbon stainless steel blades protected by safety guards. The latter affords this selection the convenience of being implemented in nearly any setting that requires a steady and reliable knife.

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